AptoKronos, Metaverse Lands

Project focused on creating a collection of lands on the metaverse. The lands are built and function on the Aptos blockchain, a decentralized network designed to enable fast and secure transactions. AptoKronos Land aims to provide users with a unique and immersive experience, allowing them to own and trade virtual lands in the metaverse.

AptoKronos Land, Fellowship we practice, Resourceful we are, Innovation we seek, Community we strive
NFT card: Crystal 1

Mint As Soon

★ Total Supply: 1212 NFTs
★ Mint Date: It will be announced few weeks prior to mint
★ Mint Price: It will be announced before the mint and as soon as possible.
★ Max Per Wallet: 5 Max

Roadmap Phase 01

We only announced the first phase. There are five phases out there. More details about the roadmap will be kept a mystery until the mint process is complete.

First Step

Launching AptosTalk forum, Opportunity discover more Aptos network, Get giveaways and news

Second Step

Token Launch & Airdrop, Will distribute our token $AKL to our community

Third Step

Launch registration on Whitelist, Our community gold opportunity to be in WL

Fourth Step

Lunchpand & Mint, Will ensure every minter has a fair and safe opportunity to mint our collection

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Team Members

A project team consisting of a community manager, a marketing specialist, and a developer can be a strong combination. Each member brings a specific expertise to the table, allowing for a comprehensive approach to the project. The community manager can handle engagement and relationships with stakeholders, the marketing specialist can focus on promoting the project and reaching target audiences, and the developer can bring technical expertise to the project. With a well-rounded team like this, the project has a better chance of success.


  • Have you heard about the AptoKronos Land?

    The first Metaverse project on the Aptos Chain, AptoKronos Land develop cutting-edge technologies that enhance the Metaverse experience. The team spearheading this effort comprises three seasoned professionals with extensive expertise in the field. Furthermore, this venture is poised to be among the first ranks on the APTOS Chain.

  • What wallet should I use?

    We recommend using Martin Wallet...Will announce other wallets us support as soon

  • When will the mint take place?

    Mint date will be announced few weeks prior to mint

  • What is the mint cost?

    It will be announced as soon as possible

  • What is the total supply?

    The total supply of AptoKronos Land is 1212 NFTs Lands

  • How to gat Whitelist?

    There will be plenty of fun ways to get WL, Will be hosting events in order to give everyone the opportunity to be whitelisted.


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